• Dr. Wan Emril Widad University College, Pahang, MALAYSIA.
  • Nizar b. Wan Embong Widad University College, Pahang, MALAYSIA
Keywords: content validity, descriptive analysis of median, aberrant judges, psychometric.


This research addresses the lack of psychometrically some research instruments. Analysis of content validity was conducted by using descriptive method for some research measures. Descriptive analysis of median was conducted on the ratings from the expert panel members. Expert panel of four judges specialized in psychometrics, English language, and industry were asked to rate the relevancy of items to their domains in order to obtain evidence of content validity. No items were deleted from this study. This research aims to bring more attention to the importance of psychometric properties in some research measures. It is also hoped to shed some lights on which content validity analysis would best be used under certain circumstances. Limitations of study were also discussed.

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Emril, D. W., & Embong, N. b. (2016, October 31). A DESCRIPTIVE APPROACH TO CONTENT VALIDITY. EPH - International Journal of Medical and Health Science (ISSN: 2456 - 6063), 2(10), 62-83. Retrieved from https://ephjournal.com/index.php/mhs/article/view/174