A Study on Knowledge of the Danger Signs of Pregnancy in Maasai Women in Kiekonyokie Sub Location Kajiado of County in Kenya

  • Dr. Nanduri Lakshmi
Keywords: Maasai Women, Knowledge on danger signs, Utilization of Skilled Delivery Services, Kajiado County, Kenya


Maternal health is one of the eight Millennium Development Goals, is central to poverty reduction and overall development, and it increased international attention for monitoring progress on maternal health and improving access to skilled attendants at deliveries.

In Kenya, 44 percent of births are delivered under the supervision of a health professional, mainly a nurse or midwife. Traditional birth attendants continue to play a vital role in delivery, assisting with 28 percent of births. This research paper aimed to study in relation to the  utilization of skilled delivery services, the knowledge of the danger signs of pregnancy in Maasai women, the study population belonging to a community of nomadic life style in North of Kajiado county in Kenya. The study design was a cross sectional descriptive study adopting both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The sample size was 264 women of reproductive age obtained by using formula given by Fisher et al. when the population is more than 10,000.The quantitative data has been analyzed using (SPSS) version 17.0 while the qualitative data was analyzed by summarizing of the themes. Results show  that 7.6% of Maasai women consult  their mother in law, husbands make most of the decisions  40.2% on the place of delivery of the expectant mothers whereas as the relatives  make the least decisions 5.7%. Preparation of the expectant mother for delivery did not have a statistical significant p-0.046.The traditional rite of passage practices had no statistical significance p -0.190. 72% of women  could mention  at least one correct danger sign for pregnancy out of the posssible four. 97.7% of the Maasai women take  more than 1hour to reach to the nearest health facility and less than  1%  of them  take  less than 30minutes to reach to the health facility.