A Generalized Logistic Distribution

  • M. M Nassar
  • S. S Radwan
  • A. S Elmasry
Keywords: Kumaraswamy Logistic distribution, Transmuted distribution, quantile function, entropy and maximum likelihood estimation


Because of their flexibility, recently, much attention has been given to the study of generalized distributions. A complete study of the transmuted Kumaraswamy Logistic distribution is proposed, introducing some basic properties of this distribution, such as quantile function, characteristic function and entropy are derived, as well as the derivation of maximum likelihood estimates of the parameters and the information matrix, Real life data is used as an application to this distribution with a comparison with other distributions to illustrate the flexibility and ability to model lifetime data. Also, a simulation study is conducted to demonstrate the effect of the sample on the estimates of the parameters.

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Nassar, M. M., Radwan, S. S., & Elmasry, A. S. (2017, July 31). A Generalized Logistic Distribution. EPH - International Journal of Mathematics and Statistics (ISSN: 2208-2212), 3(7), 16-39. Retrieved from https://ephjournal.com/index.php/ms/article/view/21