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They are used for variety of applications, from medical diagnosis to archaeological analysis, nondestructive material testing evaluation of water presence in building materials and food emulsions. Different magnets designs have been proposed by many groups of research. They can be divided into two groups: the magnets ex-situ &nbsp;and the magnets in situ</p> <p>. The first group has the simple configuration with the sensitive volume near their</p> <p>surface and the samples under test are located outside the magnets. Thus, they can be used for the experimental investigation of objects with any dimension. Although the ex-situ magnets</p> <p>have simple shape and light weight, they are difficult to achieve in terms of homogeneity of the magnetic field in the sensitive volume.</p> <p>In comparison, the in-situ magnets have their static field reinforced inside their bore center and canceled outside of the structure. Thus, their magnetic field is roughly homogeneous inside the structure.</p> <p>But drawbacks still exist and &nbsp;can be amplified, especially the in depth problem of Signal/Noise.&nbsp; Calculations , in an microscopic&nbsp; point of&nbsp; view, are develop , first applied to resistances and inductances imbedded in this circuit.</p> <p>Before, from any point source, we calculate the impedance spreading out. For this, our approach is using Transmission Line Model, over or into a multi-layered substrate; it &nbsp;can be also derived by solving Poisson's equation analytically to obtain the associated Green’ s kernel. We implement our algorithms in MATLAB. Thus, it permits to extract impedances between any two embedded contacts, real or virtual, of any shape or thickness.</p> Christian Gontrand Yue Ma Samir Labiod Latifa Fakri-Bouchet Jacques Verdier Francis Calmon Saïda Latreche Christian Gontrand ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0 2018-02-28 2018-02-28 4 2 01 27 Power Analysis on Repeated Measures Designs https://ephjournal.com/index.php/ms/article/view/507 <p>A simulation study comparing powers of the multivariate analysis (PROC GLM) with using a mixed model (PROC MIXED) using a variety of covariance structures for various treatment, time, and interaction affect sizes in a repeated measures design is conducted.&nbsp; Type 1 errors are estimated.&nbsp; Powers are estimated for a variety of covariance structures when the actual covariance structure is AR(1).&nbsp; It was found that the estimated powers for treatment effect were all very similar with PROC MIXED with the correct covariance structure having the largest estimated powers. When testing for time and interaction effect, it was found when in doubt that it was better to use a simpler covariance structure.&nbsp; The powers were generally higher in this case than with a more complex covariance structure.</p> Taylor King Curt Doetkott Rhonda Magel ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0 2018-02-28 2018-02-28 4 2 28 42 COMPOUND RAYLEIGH LIFETIME DISTRIBUTION-I https://ephjournal.com/index.php/ms/article/view/516 <p>This paper provides a new lifetime distribution model named as Compound Rayleigh Lifetime Distribution -I which is derived from Rayleigh distribution by imposing the restriction on the distribution of its parameter towards obtaining the properties of fine tuning manoeuvres and shift process in mean which is useful in reliability and statistical quality control analysis. The theoretical results obtained are illustrated with appropriate practical example.</p> G Sirisha Jayasree G. ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0 2018-02-28 2018-02-28 4 2 43 52