End Detailing Experimental Study on the Seismic Performance of All-Steel Tubular BRBs

  • Seayf Allah Hemati no
  • Mohammad Ali Barkhordari Bafghi
  • Ali kheyroddin
Keywords: Buckling restrained brace, Compressive bearing strength, Seismic performance, Hysteretic behavior, All-steel tubular brace.


To clarify the effects of end details on the seismic performance of a new type of All-Steel Tubular Buckling Restrained Brace (AST-BRBs) constructed by placing a steel tube as a core member within another steel tube as an external restraint (pod), an experimental study was conducted. Seismic behaviors of six specimens (two non-pod and four pod specimens) with three different end detail specifications were studied under cyclic loads. The experimental results show that AST-BRBs with end portions sent through a tube gradually increase in diameter with a lid welded to the end support plate. In addition to satisfying specified requirements, compared with the non-pod specimen, the specimen with a pod can dissipate over 13 times more energy and offers a compressive bearing capacity of more than 2.2 times that of a nominal load capacity. Therefore, the seismic performance of this type of BRB is satisfactory and, due to their low cost, can be used as a suitable alternative to conventional bracing in engineering applications and steel structures.


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