Kerberos based Data security in Research & Production Honey Pot

  • Apurva Saxena RabindraNath Tagore University,Bhopal
Keywords: Honeypot, Kerberos, Cryptography.


A honey pot is a technique of cloud computing that is proposed for capturing hackers or tracking unusual methods of attack. This technique will seize, recognize and duplicate the hacker behavior. It works in Cloud environment where anything like technology, tool, and result can be offered as a service. Purveyors offer and deliver such services to their customers via the network. Production honeypot is one of the types of honeypot which is used to solve the problem of data security in organizations. Honeypot techniques are used to detains the actions of intruder and create a log-file for providing better security in to the cloud network. Kerberos is a protocol for validating the services which requests between true hosts across the network, such as the internet. Kerberos builds on symmetric key cryptography and needed trusted third party, Key Distribution Centre (KDC) which uses public key cryptography. This paper presents the concept of production and research Honeypot as a service in cloud environment by implementing the benefits of Kerberos Authentication system, which distinguishes between hackers and users, and to provide overall security to the data/network.


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