Constituting Organization with Electronic Human Resource Management

  • Megha Sharma
Keywords: Electronic Human Resource Management (E-HRM), Human Resource Management (HRM), Implementation Support System (ISs)


Constituting organization is essential and required task for any management to produce a qualitative and reliable product for their customers. So, today we can easily see a concept of Human Resource Management (HRM) in every organization for internal management and efficient utilization of resource to produce a better and new technological product for their customers. HRM is an art of managing people at work in such a manner that they give best to the organization. Now, here we are offering you a concept of Electronic Human Resource Management (E-HRM) as an Implementation Support System (ISS) for HRM. For understanding the better skills, creative abilities and talents of human resources at a very quick time there must be a concept of E-HRM. Generally E-HRM is an interface through which we can directly communicate or know about the right talent through traverse some list or records in our personal database without creating any issue. E-HRM (Electronic Human Resource Management) is an advance business solution which provides a complete on-line support in the management of all processes, activities, data and information required to manage human resources in a modern company. It is an efficient, reliable, easy-to-use tool, accessible to a broad group of different users.

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Megha Sharma


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