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This paper discusses the issues of cybercrime and what is being done to prevent it. Cyber criminals take advantages of vulnerabilities by using viruses, bots, etc. to cause damage and/or maybe steal information. There are ways that this can be minimized by being aware of what the problems are. There are many problems but common ones are discussed. Not can these problems be solved on an individual or organization level but also on a global level. This paper will look at what cybercrime is and three topics that discuss the problems with cybercrime and how to prevent it.

The Lack of Attention in the Prevention of Cybercrime and How to improve it in today’s world we use computers for everything; searching the internet, online shopping, accessing bank accounts, Email, and online gaming as some examples. Communication is faster and more reliable than in the past which has allowed more to be accomplished in a given day. The problem is just like anything else; vulnerability. There are individuals that hack into computers as well as the networks of businesses and government agencies. The problem is that sensitive data can be stolen and destroyed. There needs to be more focus on the security of computers and the internet. This paper will focus on the lack of efforts to prevent cybercrime as well as problems associated with it.

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Sahil Mudgal, Dronacharya College Of Engineering


Department of Computer science

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S. Mudgal, “CYBERSECURITY AND CYBERCRIME A Review”, EPH - International Journal of Science And Engineering (ISSN: 2454 - 2016), vol. 1, no. 7, pp. 01-09, Nov. 2015.