Review Paper on Smart Home

  • Vipin Chander
Keywords: Smart, Home, on, Review, Paper


Home automation have been used for more than a decade to introduce the concept of networking device or equipment in the house. Smart home can define as integration of technology and networking through which make better quality living. If simple plug and play tools for controlling lights are included or the computer network in houses are accounted for as smart home technology. Only recently, thousand of project and smart technology are used and working on it. in the india this concept is new but in the world the concept of smart home used. application are focused on safety and security, care and comport. In this presentation an overview will be give of the detail application in both new built houses and flat and renovation projects. Finally, based on expected product launches and technical developments at major international companies, a well as based on the feedback of older people currently living in smart homes ,some expectations or the for near future will be given

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