HR Initiatives for Enhancing Quality of Human Resource in Organisation

  • Dr. Amarjot Verma Bundelkhand University, Jhansi
Keywords: HR, Enhancing, Quality, Human, Resource, Organisation, in, Initiatives


Nowdays businesses are being forced to make tough decisions impacting their workforce. So leaders and human resource professionals should not lose sight of the effort put forth by employees, as many are working harder to boost productivity and meet business objectives. With fewer resources and increased responsibilities due to layoffs, cutbacks and restructurings, employees are being asked to contribute at higher levels. But it is in times like this that leaders need to invest more in engaging their employees to reap the utmost commitment, productivity and focus. It is important to recognize and reward highperforming employees for their resilience, hard work and loyalty during this period of recession. They need to look for innovative solutions to invest in people and demonstrate commitment to them as failure to do so may result in higher turnover once the economy rebounds. It is a leader’s responsibility to ensure their workforce is skilled and motivated in order to stay competitive and perform at the expected levels of productivity—both today and while also positioning for future success as market conditions improve. Leaders can’t afford for their workforce to become complacent, stagnant or sustain “quit and stay” employees—those who are disengaged but won’t leave. Many people feel vulnerable now and it is an opportune time for employers to deepen loyalty. Don’t let cyclical market conditions be a distraction from creating a workforce strategy that focuses on the skilled talent needed to meet business goals—now and in the future.

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Dr. Amarjot Verma, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi


Institute of Management Studies

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