• Mr.M. Vinod
  • Mr.G. Teja
  • Mr.K. Deepak
Keywords: soil reinforcement, geo synthetics, slop, embankment


Soil is the deciding result of the impact of the atmosphere, alleviation (rise, introduction, and slant of landscape), living beings, and guardian materials (unique minerals) associating after some time. Absence of sufficient street system to take into account the expanded request and expanded trouble in streets prompting incessant support has dependably been a major issue in Andhra Pradesh state. Investigating the plausibility of construction materials for subgrade and embankment adjustment will help the street building area to develop a more grounded, sturdy and financial configuration. Soil layers beneath banks need to give basic soundness to bolster movement loads forced upon them. Soil embankment when discovered frail and unsatisfactory to convey loads from asphalt layers, soil embankment should be balanced out. Utilization of stabilizers, for example, coir fiber and soil reinforcement may enhance load conveying limit of soil embankment, which likewise goes about as fortifying material. In this paper we had chosen road embankments of district road from Kankipadu to Gudivada length of 23 Km. We collected soil samples and conducted experiments, from that experiments we obtained engineering properties of soil. We designed a embankment in software and calculated a factor of safety for sliding which is greater than 1.5 when soil reinforcement is considered.

Author Biographies

Mr.M. Vinod

student, civil engineering Department, KL University, Andhra Pradesh, India

Mr.G. Teja

student, civil engineering Department, KL University, Andhra Pradesh, India

Mr.K. Deepak

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Department, KL University, Andhra Pradesh, India

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M. Vinod, M. Teja, and M. Deepak, “ANALYSIS OF REINFORCED SOIL EMBANKMENT”, EPH - International Journal of Science And Engineering (ISSN: 2454 - 2016), vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 01-06, Apr. 2016.