Induction of Radio Communication in Indian Railway for Smooth Running during fog condition

  • Ms. Diksha Chaudhary Dronacharya College of Engineering
Keywords: Frequency, Transmitter, Receiver, Modulation, Demodulation


In winter season due to low visibility our railway system not work smoothly. To remove the problem for this season we are going to design a railway driving system which can act in fog independently without seasonally variation. For this communication, we will use RF communication. So, control room personnel will be aware of the railway traffic as well as the drivers will also be aware so without visibility can run smoothly. So, RF communication is any of the electromagnetic wave frequencies that lie in the range spreading from around 3 kHz to 300 GHz, which include those frequencies used for communications or radar signals. RF mainly refers the electrical rather than mechanical oscillations. In RF communication basic elements are used that are:  Transmitter and modulation  Antenna  Propagation  Receiver and demodulation

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Ms. Diksha Chaudhary, Dronacharya College of Engineering

Assistant Professor

Electronics and Computer Engineering

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