Bibliography and Literature Review on Buckling of Laminated Plates

  • Osama Mohammed Elmardi Suleiman Nile Valley University
Keywords: Literature review, Buckling, Composites, Laminated plates, Bibliography


The effects of boundary conditions and lamination arrangements (i.e. stacking sequence and orientation of a lamina) were found to be important factors in determining a suitable exact, analytical or semi – analytical method for analyzing buckling loads on laminated plates. It was also found that: as the derivative order of shear deformation increases, the accuracy of stresses, strains, buckling loads … etc. increases and it doesn't need shear correction factors.

Author Biography

Osama Mohammed Elmardi Suleiman, Nile Valley University

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

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O. M. E. Suleiman, “Bibliography and Literature Review on Buckling of Laminated Plates”, EPH - International Journal of Science And Engineering (ISSN: 2454 - 2016), vol. 2, no. 8, pp. 104-112, Aug. 2016.