Multi-period Assembly Systems modeling with uncertainty LT and partial backordering

  • Haibatolah sadeghi Iran University of Science and Technology
  • Mehdi golbaghi Payame Noor University
Keywords: planned lead-time, periodic order quantity, uncertainty, Monte-Carlo simulation, partial backordering, Probabilistic lead-time


In this paper deals with material requirement planning for a three levels production and assembly system with several types of components and one type of product, in multi periods. We assume that components lead-times are probabilistic. A MRP approach with periodic order quantity (POQ) policy is used for planning of components. We consider a new approach for modeling MRP when all components lead-times are probabilistic and in this model consider to partial backordering and defect rate for all components in MRP models, which has apparently not been studied before. The objective is minimizing sum of the all components holding cost, final product partial backordering cost, final product holding cost and setup costs. The main policies in this model determine the periodic order quantity, and planned lead-times. Monte-Carlo simulation used to generate numerous scenarios based on the components lead-time, and by using Monte-Carlo simulation, we can find the suitable solution for this problem.

Author Biographies

Haibatolah sadeghi, Iran University of Science and Technology

Department of Industrial Engineering

Mehdi golbaghi, Payame Noor University

Department of Technology and Engineering

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H. sadeghi and M. golbaghi, “Multi-period Assembly Systems modeling with uncertainty LT and partial backordering”, EPH - International Journal of Science And Engineering (ISSN: 2454 - 2016), vol. 2, no. 12, pp. 01-13, Dec. 2016.